How We Can Make Drinking Water Safe

If you’re wondering how can we make water safe for drinking, you’re not alone. This is a dilemma for many people who worry that the water they need to survive may, at the very least, cause them to become ill from time to time, and at the very worst, subtract years from their lives. The fact is that cleaning water is a costly yet necessary process and drinking water standards are lagging far behind research that shows us exactly what is wrong with the water we get from our taps. Some people turn to bottled water, but that is often just gloried tap water, and sometimes it can be even less healthy than the water you get at home.

The answer for those who want to make water safe for drinking probably lies in more research and stricter regulation. As things stand now, there are many substances that are allowed in water at levels that no one can be sure are safe for consumption. For example, many of our country’s municipal water systems deliver cancer-causing chemicals and pharmaceuticals right to residential taps, claiming that the levels of these substances are safe for consumption. Others may skate on the borderline of providing safe water. Even worse there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of chemical substances that make it into our water without any regulation. Since there are no standards for them so far, no one is seeing to their removal.

As consumers, we may have to take matters into our own hands. While we can all raise our voices for cleaner drinking water, there are ways we can effect change now. We can make water safe for drinking in our own homes while we wait for legislation to protect us. How? Well, some people may turn to boiling the water that comes from their taps. Unfortunately, this is only reliable for some pathogens. You can boil it all you want, and still have unsafe drinking water in your cup. Other people may seek out chemicals to destroy infection-causing agents that may make it past municipal disinfection. This isn’t the answer either, as it only ads one more chemical to those that already come from your tap.

A better option, if you want to make water safe for drinking, is buying a high-quality water filter. These filters are capable of getting rid of the chemicals that cause cancer, irritate the skin, and worsen health problems, as well as the pathogens that cause illness, including gastrointestinal conditions. But be careful when making your choice. Many lower-quality water filters only filter some of the major pathogens and leave a bunch of other undesirable substances. Opt for a high-quality sub-micron carbon-based filter system instead. Many benefits come with safe drinking water, here are just a few of them.