Benefits of Drinking A Lot of Water

There are many benefits to drinking a lot of water. To understand them, consider the fact that your brain consists of about 95 percent water and your blood contains about 82 percent. Your lungs? They are composed of about 90 percent water. Drinking enough water just makes goods sense for your body. And it can even help you to have decent energy levels and optimal concentration. No matter what your activity level from operating heavy equipment to dc web designers you need to have enough fluid in your system to get you through the work day.

Mild dehydration, a condition many people unknowingly suffer from on a regular basis, contributes to fatigue, less-than-stellar short-term memory, and impaired focusing ability. Drinking eight glasses a day can help you to avoid such issues.

Discussions of the health benefits of water often include talk about removing toxins from the body. Water may help to improve the function of your kidneys, which filter impurities from your body, and may also translate into more efficient clearing of toxins. For many, this benefit makes it well worth it to drink a few extra glasses each day. Additionally, drinking water may help to improve the function of other organs as well.

Weight loss is also among the health benefits of drinking water. Essentially, drinking water helps the body to burn extra calories. If you drink a couple of pints, you can enjoy an extra burn of about 25 calories. Now, this may hardly seem worth it, but consider what would happen if you drink two quarts per day. You could burn an extra 100 calories daily. Over a month, that’s almost a pound, so if you combine drinking water with exercising and watching what you eat, you have a recipe for significant weight loss. This may not only help you to look better, but may also help to prevent such issues as diabetes and heart disease. Additionally, you’re likely to eat less if you drink a lot of water, as your stomach is fuller than usual and you don’t have as much room for food.

Some studies have even shown that drinking water may reduce the number of headaches a person suffers. This makes sense, as a headache is one of the symptoms of dehydration. Isn’t it great that you can drink filtered water to avoid pain and save money on all that aspirin at the same time?