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Flushing Your System by Drinking Water

Drinking a lot of water does help to flush kidneys and get rid of contaminants. Few would argue against its benefits. Drinking six to eight glasses of water each day may help the body to get rid of a range of toxins and may help to prevent conditions like kidney stones and gout. Unfortunately, however, the effect a person can expect from drinking a lot of water depends on the water source. It just makes sense that water purity influences its health effects.


Be Healthy By Avoiding These 4 Drinking Water Contaminants

Millions of people try to quit smoking, exercise more, and eat healthier each year.  Unbeknownst to many, however, there is a lesser-known danger–drinking water. Whether your drinking tap or bottled water at catered events or on a hamilton party bus it still has the potential to contain contaminants that slowly poison the body.

Since few people recognize them as culprits, however, they may not have fingers pointed at them when someone is sickened or develops a long-term condition. There are many contaminants of which a person should be aware, but here are four of the most common: