drinking water

Benefits of Drinking A Lot of Water

There are many benefits to drinking a lot of water. To understand them, consider the fact that your brain consists of about 95 percent water and your blood contains about 82 percent. Your lungs? They are composed of about 90 percent water. Drinking enough water just makes goods sense for your body. And it can even help you to have decent energy levels and optimal concentration. No matter what your activity level from operating heavy equipment to dc web designers you need to have enough fluid in your system to get you through the work day.

Mild dehydration, a condition many people unknowingly suffer from on a regular basis, contributes to fatigue, less-than-stellar short-term memory, and impaired focusing ability. Drinking eight glasses a day can help you to avoid such issues.


How We Can Make Drinking Water Safe

If you’re wondering how can we make water safe for drinking, you’re not alone. This is a dilemma for many people who worry that the water they need to survive may, at the very least, cause them to become ill from time to time, and at the very worst, subtract years from their lives. The fact is that cleaning water is a costly yet necessary process and drinking water standards are lagging far behind research that shows us exactly what is wrong with the water we get from our taps. Some people turn to bottled water, but that is often just gloried tap water, and sometimes it can be even less healthy than the water you get at home.


Be Healthy By Avoiding These 4 Drinking Water Contaminants

Millions of people try to quit smoking, exercise more, and eat healthier each year.  Unbeknownst to many, however, there is a lesser-known danger–drinking water. Whether your drinking tap or bottled water at catered events or on a hamilton party bus it still has the potential to contain contaminants that slowly poison the body.

Since few people recognize them as culprits, however, they may not have fingers pointed at them when someone is sickened or develops a long-term condition. There are many contaminants of which a person should be aware, but here are four of the most common: